About Us

Our ideal client is YOU. Yes, because you’re currently seeking some support and are courageous enough to take the biggest step. Our ideal client is someone seeking to evolve, grow, and work on themselves. If you’re feeling like you’re not growing in some area of your life, then let’s work on a growth plan. Counseling is an opportunity for you to have a supportive, confidential, and safe place to discuss your concerns, increase knowledge about yourself, perceive challenges, and strengthen you.

We specialize in individual therapy, grief therapy, relaxation therapy, stress management, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and solution-focused brief therapy. Some topics that we service are depressive disorders, post-partum depression, adjustment disorder, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, adolescent relational issues, and stress.

Our specialty focuses on you as an individual. Our skill set and passion include working with adolescents, adults, pregnant or parenting families, and anyone needing additional coping skills, assistance with daily life challenges, and/or past abuse and trauma.